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360 Degrees of Flavor – Panorama in Old City

Story by Elizabeth Coffey, photos by Cassie Hepler 

Save yourself the 10 hour flight to Italy by stopping into Panorama, Old City Philadelphia’s premier Italian restaurant. Aptly named, your taste buds will take a panoramic tour of Italy with Panorama’s homemade pastas, classic Italian recipes, and delicious Italian meat and seafood dishes.

Take a trip around the world with over 120 wines by the glass kept fresh and at their optimal temperature by Panorama’s custom-built wine preservation and dispensary system that currently holds the Guinness World Record as the world’s largest system of its kind. Really see what a great grape has to offer with one of Panorama’s wine flights. Expand your palette and your mind as Panorama’s experienced sommeliers help you explore wines you can’t experience together anywhere else.

Whatever you do, don’t miss dessert as Panorama’s tempting treats have flavor profiles that are as sophisticated as they are comforting. Chef Matt Gentile knows what he’s doing and you can’t help but have a delightful dining experience at Panorama no matter what you pick.


Panorama currently holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest wine preservation and dispensing system.

Warm bread, delicious pesto, and some bubbly is just what the doctor ordered to banish the winter blues.

Warm bread, delicious pesto, and some bubbly is just what the doctor ordered to banish the winter blues.

Wine flights that'll take your taste buds on an adventure of a lifetime.

Wine flights that’ll take your taste buds on an adventure of a lifetime.


The Riesling flight and the White, Rose & Sparkling wine flight took our fancy.


Feeling festive? Panorama’s custom wine trees, designed by Luca Sena, will put you in the holiday spirit any time of year and are the perfect way to enjoy your wine flight.


Amazing antipasti that’s anything but ordinary. Selecting just one is nearly impossible.


Melt-in-your-mouth Burrata made with butternut squash, figs, chestnuts, and a balsamic sauce is a sweet surprise for any tongue.


Octopi to die for with an interesting, unexpected texture that adds to the deliciousness of the overall experience.


Shrimp so fresh you’ll swear that it was caught thirty minutes ago in a zesty lemon sauce with some grilled romaine and a white bean croquette.


Panorama has some delicious Italian food share options, but they’re so tasty you may want to eat them all by yourself.


A crowd favorite, Panorama ups the ante on its calamari by offering a broccoli rabe pesto dipping sauce in addition to the more traditional San Marzano tomato dipping sauce.


Panorama’s homemade pasta is like a culinary tour of Italy.


If you’ve ever wondered what a cloud of crab and lobster would taste like, look no further than the Crespelle on Panorama’s pasta menu. The dish’s flavor combined with it’s soft, pillowy texture is the stuff of dreams.


Surprisingly sweet, Panorama’s gnocchi with its pear, gorgonzola, and black walnut flavor notes is absolutely scrumptious.


Crave-worthy Italian meat and seafood dishes to delight your senses and satisfy your inner carnivore.


Panorama’s Bracolia is a stick-to-your-ribs kind of meal, reminiscent of a good, hearty stew. It’s definitely the kind of dish that can cure what ails you.


The duck dish at Panorama is full of autumnal flavors that dance on your tongue and is perfect for those cold fall and winter evenings.


Pair your meal with Panorama’s wine of the month.


December’s wine is a full-bodied, robust Syrah that pairs well with red meat.


There’s always room for dessert and at Panorama the options are indulgent and decadent.


Hot chocolate and donuts Italian-style, Panorama’s Bomboloni is comprised of sophisticated cinnamon and sugar donuts with rich hazelnut hot chocolate for dipping.

For a cherry-chocolate flavor explosion, try Panorama's Torta Cioccolato that looks like a modern art piece on a plate.

For a cherry-chocolate flavor explosion, try Panorama’s Torta Cioccolato that looks like a modern art piece on a plate.


A close up of Panorama’s Torta Cioccolato.


Don’t miss out on Panorama’s delicious dessert wines. One of Panorama’s experienced sommeliers can help you find the perfect pairing for any dessert you pick.

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