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Bertucci’s is Not Just a Chain Restaurant, It’s Italy on the East Coast

Photos, story by Tyra Gardner

Bertucci’s is not a chain restaurant.

Bertucci’s is a family owned restaurant founded in Boston, Mass. in 1981. Bertucci’s is known for their Brick & Wood Ovens. Chef Chris Snyder, the head chef, explained that the wood ovens in some of their locations had to be replaced with brick due to them being outlawed, however there meals are the same amazing quality and great taste. The temperature of the oven is over 600 degrees.

Chef Chris is the remarkable Head Chef in the Philadelphia Region & Nikki S. Is the Powerhouse District Manager for the Eastern Region that keeps the restaurants a float. The service at Bertucci’s was impeccable even during a time when the restaurant is too total capacity. When arrived you are greeted by a Bertucci’s Staff Member, I was greeted by Elijah who was pleasant as were all the staff and very courteous. Servers Rita and Ashley were very attentive and pleasant. The Restaurant Manager Dora was helpful when describing the wines. General Manager John Toppi was very helpful and was pitching in to help the servers. Bertucci’s prides themselves on having a family atmosphere, which extends from the staff to the homemade meals that they serve.

Recently Bertucci’s decided to return to its roots with more homemade menu items to choose from and getting away from the mainstream menu items to provide more of a variety for restaurant patrons. Every dish on their menu has its very own story of how it came to fruition.

Bertucci’s food items are fresh & made per order. Bertucci’s uses nothing but the best cheeses from all over the world to create their meals. Tomatoes are from locally grown farms.

Bertucci’s is known for their fresh baked rolls to start the meal. The rolls are made fresh all day and when they arrive to the table they are hot from the oven with a side of olive oil for dipping.

The Bertucci’s Sampler is a great way to start if you do not have any idea of an appetizer. It comes with delicious Mozzarella Fritta, Tuscan Chicken Wings and Meatballs with pomodoro.

On February 27, 2017 Bertucci’s will be unveiling their new menu items, which consists of Tuscan Roasted Vegetables, Mussels in Red Sauce, Strombi, Marengo Chicken Salad, Noilo Pizza.

Tuscan Roasted Vegetables are scrumptious and seasoned with garlic and olive oil and Italian seasoning.

Mussels in Red Sauce is also a great starter perfect for sharing. Mussels in Red Sauce pairs well with the Coppola Red Wine.

Marengo Chicken Salad is a nice light menu item that can be eaten as a starter or a meal. It pairs well with the Coppola White Wine.

Strombi is a new menu item that is a spin off of the Philadelphia tradition of the Stromboli. The Strombi comes with a side of sauce. Strombi just like the Marengo Chicken pair well with Coppola White Wine.

New menu item alert: Nolio pizza is named this because it contains no oil and this pizza is highly addictive with its Parma style Proscuitto, caramelized onions, heavy cream Pecorino Romano & mozzarella cheese. This is a pizza that needs to be made right if not according to Chef Chris it could be a real mess.

Margherita pizza is always a favorite and will remain on the Bertucci’s Menu.

All perfect pizza’s at Bertucci’s receive an olive in the middle.

All menu items can be paired with their house wine, which comes from the Coppola Winery, California.

The perfect drink for dessert is Bertucci’s Limoncello.

Cannoli Chips and Cream is a modern spin on the Cannoli. Smooth ricotta cream with Ghirardelli chocolate chips and sauce with crispy cannoli triangles and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Nice light and amazingly good dessert to end off the evening.

Bertucci’s offer Catering to Customers in addition to having Children’s Parties where children create there own pizza (I experienced this and below is my creation).

Bertucci’s Motto: “The best kept secret is we have no secret at all.” This explains the open-faced kitchen and diners can watch their food being prepared as they wait.

Bertucci’s is a Number 1 must try or retry restaurants!!!

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