• Sunday , 18 February 2018

Bluecoat Gin Helps Expand Sofitel Hotel’s Outdoor Cafe, Liberté Blue

Story, photos by Tiffany DuBois

On a muggy, sweaty, hot late summer evening, Bluecoat Gin and the Sofitel Hotel formed a new baby; Liberte Blue. Basically, Bluecoat Gin partnered with the Sofitel to exhibit food and cocktails that would marry these two dynamic duos. The food was fantastic but needed tweaking here and there to make a person appreciate the smells and taste. The cocktails, let me tell you about the cocktails! They were refreshing, light, smoky, and delicious.

The menu included mini tacos that had an awesome crema, a lovely amount of acidity, and were choke full of pork. There were veal meatballs that melted in your mouth and had an incredible gamey flavor that I love because I’m Greek. There were mini crab cake bites that were packed with flavor, but might have needed more moisture to carry the herbaceous flavor. And then there was this flatbread that let me tell you, it was crispy and light, in the fact that it had cheese and mushrooms, and this beautiful truffle glaze on top. It was awesome.

Drinks consisted of a grapefruit cocktail and a rosemary spritzer that was light and smoky and large. Considering the heat, all the cocktails were awesome. I absolutely loved going to this event where the staff was friendly and accommodating. It was the perfect event if anyone wanted to make a meaningful connection. Shout out to Cashman and Associates for inviting me and my plus one. We had a fabulous time. Regardless of whether you like gin, vodka, or tequila, you should stop by Liberte Blue for happy hour, dinner, or just a quick cocktail. You won’t be disappointed.


One of Philly’s finest boutique hotels, the Sofitel.

The outdoor Bluecoat Gin Lounge.

Liberty Blue Lounge thanks to Bluecoat Gin and the Sofitel Hotel.

A simple yet stylish decoration for the tables.

One of the best hotel bars in Philadelphia.

Simple yet elegant snacks before the event.

One of the delicious cocktails featured.

Delicious appetizers.

More refreshing cocktails on a warm summer night.

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