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Butlers in the Buff Serve Up Good, Clean, Cheeky Party Fun

*Disclaimer: Cheeky PG-13 Photos ahead!
Photos, story by Christine Tarlecki Trimble
When Butlers in the Buff reached out to us at Explore-Philly, we weren’t sure what to think. Sure in America, tradition dictates getting a stripper or going to a strip club for a bachelor or bachelorette party. However, times are changing (this writer just got married and didn’t go to a club. Bridesmaids, family and the newlyweds went to the Melting Pot for dinner!)12341404_10153803049269628_7431266299578254452_n

So after we chatted with the Director of the Butlers in the Buff, Stacey Bramhill, she set us up with Daniel, our butler for the evening. Hosted at this writer’s house, with 7 closes friends, we arranged for fabulous food from Magganio’s in King of Prussia, ICED by Betsy cupcakes in Royersford, The Philly Pretzel Factory in Collegeville, holiday truffles from Godiva, and vodka from Hangar.


The invitation said the Butlers in the Buff would be serving us this evening, and a few wondered if we were hosting a stripper. (Ha, no. Not in a condo with husband and pets. It’s a decent size, but no one is swinging from poles in this house, nor are there any naked men dancing around). Butlers in the Buff isn’t a strip outfit.

“Butlers in the Buff stands out from a stripper for many reasons. We don’t set out to shock or embarrass anyone at the party. Our service is much more interactive than a stripper show. Butlers will of course serve drinks and food, and do that in a fun way but also help out with party games and activities, allowing themselves to be used as props for games.”

Director Bramhill explains for those who bare all: 14 years ago in the UK Jason Didcott – the CEO, now based in Vancouver– saw a huge gap (haha) in the market where strippers were becoming sleazy and dated but ladies still want a little bit of male fun at their parties.
“So we created Butlers in the Buff – hot, fun, charming party butlers to not only serve drinks and mix cocktails but to play party games and even tidy up at the end of the party! All whilst not wearing very much. Their outfit comprises of a white collar, black bowtie, white cuffs and a little apron that doesn’t quite cover their bottoms,” she notes.


Everyone arrived early of course (best way to get ladies on time), and our butler arrived right on time. Daniel suited up (or down) in the office, and then came out to get to work. We chatted with him previously as we were a bit nervous as what to expect, but everything was fine! We told him it was a Girls Night In and we were just hanging out.


Director Bramhill shed some light on this cheeky new twist on parties. “Butlers in the Buff are the perfect accessory for any party whether that’s a 21st birthday party or an 85th Birthday afternoon tea, bachelorettes to baby showers. Charity galas to corporate awards ceremonies… Butlers from Butlers in the Buff have served at them all,” she said. “What they all have in common is Butlers in the Buff bring charm, sophistication, fun service that cause giggles to all around! We’re not party planners as such, but we are experts in parties and know how to make your party the best ever!  Butlers in the Buff adds that little bit of sparkle plus service with a cheeky smile.”


The party turned out pretty great! We played some games, Daniel served us drinks and food, and we all talked and had a great time, lots of laugh, and took some great cheeky photos.

“Our services are not X Rated, in certain locations we can also offer Butlers on the beach for beach parties, brunches and picnics, Or Butlers in the Park for similar fun picnic ideas with bottoms covered up of course,” she explains. “We are a little more selective for these venues to ensure that the group or Butler does not receive unwanted attention from the public or cause offense. Our butlers are booked for a minimum of two hours and are there to mingle and chat with everyone whilst being useful and friendly.”


How does one become a butler, now that the Butlers are serving parties in the USA in addition to the UK?

“Our butlers are all hand selected, not just for the looks and incredible bodies but of their personalities too. The butlers have to be fun, charming, polite and able to chat to any one whether that is the mother of the bride or an 80 year old lady celebrating her birthday in style!” she said.


Butlers in the Buff serve up a cheeky good time, as Daniel did for our party. He served, played a game or two, and cleaned the kitchen, posed for some pictures, and bid adieu to us ladies, who enjoyed the scenery all night long.


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