• Thursday , 22 February 2018

Ivan Kane’s Kiss Kiss Burlesque Nightclub is Back at Tropicana in Atlantic City

Famed nightlife innovator Ivan Kane is bringing burlesque back to Atlantic City! Kane launched his newest burlesque show at Ivan Kane’s Kiss Kiss Nightclub inside The Quarter at Tropicana boardwalk casino, yet again affirming Tropicana’s place as Atlantic City’s premiere nightlife destination. Burlesque lessons will be taught by the award-winning Kiss Kiss dancers every Saturday afternoon.

“Every night at Kiss Kiss people walk up to me and ask when I’m going to do my burlesque show again. I hear it a hundred times a night. I’m excited to finally launch it at Tropicana,” said Kane, who introduced Atlantic City to burlesque at Ivan Kane’s Royal Jelly Burlesque Nightclub.

“Ivan’s new burlesque Thursdays and burlesque lessons is the perfect addition to the nightlife program we’ve developed at Tropicana for bachelorette or bachelor parties, birthday celebrations or just girls’ night out in general,” said Steve Callender, General Manager of Tropicana Atlantic City. “Kane’s burlesque is the gold standard from Atlantic City to Las Vegas. He now brings his show to Kiss Kiss.”

Burlesque entered the pop culture lexicon with the phenomenal success of Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce in Hollywood and Las Vegas. With Royal Jelly in Atlantic City, Kane introduced burlesque to the eastern seaboard. Now Kane brings the magic back to Atlantic City at Ivan Kane’s Kiss Kiss Nightclub.

“As patrons dance, the anticipation becomes palpable. Down beat happens when the crowd simply can’t wait any more,” says Kane, who then pulls the trigger and the burlesque show begins. “The spotlight comes on, the dancer comes out and the classic burlesque show begins. The room erupts in hoots and hollers. While the show is on, drinks are ignored and the world stands still. It never fails! Once the show ends, the DJ drops a beat and the dancing continues.”

Kane has expanded his nightlife program at Kiss Kiss to also include burlesque lessons on Saturday afternoons. Explains Kane, “Burlesque lessons taught by the performers themselves have always been wildly popular at all my burlesque infused venues. We make it really fun with free champagne and a boa to take home. The ladies also get to come to the club free that night. It’s the perfect bachelorette party celebration.” Adds Kane, “I’ve been producing and directing burlesque shows for fifteen years and I love the fact that at the shows females always outnumber males.”

We popped into the quick preview show with after party and sushi at the speakeasy style Jose Garces space Okatshe. Check out the photo story below.



Ivan Kane’s nightclub empire has transformed the live entertainment experience over the course of two decades with countless nightclubs, bars and restaurants. Kane reinvented burlesque with Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce Burlesque Nightclub in Hollywood and Las Vegas, generating international accolades and resulting in countless imitators.

With Bravo’s hit four-part reality show “Forty Deuce,” Kane’s reputation as the King of Burlesque was cemented in nightclub history. Ivan Kane’s Royal Jelly Burlesque Nightclub and Ivan Kane’s Kiss Kiss Nightclub, both launched in Atlantic City, were built around spectacle, unmatched ambience, naughtiness and nightly seduction. Now he brings burlesque back to the east coast with Kiss My Burlesque at Ivan Kane’s Kiss Kiss Nightclub at Tropicana Resort and Casino. Says Kane, “The goal of Ivan Kane Enterprises is pure imagination. Nightlife as art.”

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