• Saturday , 24 February 2018

Jurassic World: The Exhibition at The Franklin Institute a Fun Film Throwback

Story by Tyra Gardner, photos by Cassie Hepler

From the big screen to a live exhibit, Jurassic World leaves no stone unturned with a lot of education, special effects this is one of the biggest exhibits to hit Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute since Body Worlds. The exhibit welcomes audiences of all ages and those who have an extreme love for the Jurassic Park movie series and dinosaurs.

The exhibition was created by NBC Universal Brand Development and Imagine Exhibitions and co-produced by MagicSpace and IES with close collaboration with paleontologist Jack Horner provides an interactive educational experience that brings Jurassic World to life.

When entering the exhibit for a VIP tour, you are immediately met with a museum staffer who takes your picture behind a green background and you get to see your picture once you complete the tour and you have the option to purchase.

Next on the agenda was entering into a 5 minute movie snippet that provides exhibit goers with information on what the exhibit contains and how these prehistoric creatures lived.

The Land of the Giants is a nice welcome to the exhibit with a Brachiosaurus towering over you; you also have a face-to-face encounter with a Velociraptor and the most powerful dinosaur of all Tyrannosaurus Rex. All of the dinosaurs were made of life like quality materials to give the full of effect of life during prehistoric times.

Gentle Giants Petting Zoo-there are a number of interactive matching games that consist of connecting the juvenile to the adult dinos, including touching “dino poop” where you stick your hand in hole. The Petting Zoo had fun signs stating “Dino Food Only Do Not Feed Dino’s Human Food”.

There is a Creation Lab (photos below) in a section of the exhibit focuses on De-Extinction and genetic process which provides Dinosaur enthusiast with knowledge on how they evolve.

Jurassic World: The Exhibition is the only exhibit that allows you to become close to a dinosaur and have the ability feel the texture of their skin, measure your foot print size to that of a dinosaur and experience how much power the Tyrannosaurus Rex has when in a non-compromising situation.

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