• Tuesday , 20 February 2018

Keeping the Community Thriving, The Garces Foundation Presents `Think Local, Give Local’

Story and photos by Dana J. Prophet

On a beautiful crisp March evening, well-dressed men and women gathered to Philadelphia’s Loews Hotel to celebrate and raise funds for The Garces Foundation Benefit. All of Chef Jose Garces’ famed restaurants and other local dining venues convened to raise money towards the continuous of the prestigious program.

Decked out in cocktail attire, attendees were welcomed to table upon table of delicious cuisine. With one ticket, you can try scrumptious highlights from all the best restaurants in Philadelphia.

Do you appreciate cocktails made from local spirits? The night’s benefit was the best place to find elixirs to appease the beer fanatics, gin enthusiasts, whiskey fiends, and vodka zealots.

Now that you dined on the savory, it’s time to check out the sweet. Although the savory outnumbered the sweet, it was only the best desserts in the spotlight this night. Still, there’s no such thing as too many sweets.

Have you ever donated and wondered if what you contributed actually helped anyone? What might be overlooked can actually be an improvement to someone’s life.

The Garces Foundation encompasses several community and humanity works that helps individuals improve their lives. The gesture of improving the lives of others to help everyone around them further enhances the world around us.

The Garces Foundation focuses on Community Health Days, Luna Farm Trips for school children, and a Learning Annex, and also collaborating to other area charities. The best part of helping is seeing your contribution enhance our community.


One of the first stops Weckerly’s Ice Cream for a tasty mini ice cream sandwich.

Sweet T's Bakeshop

Custom cake by the award-winning Sweet T’s Bakeshop.


One of the many gift baskets up for silent raffle. What’s better than a basket of whiskey and books?

Vedge Mixed Stew

Eat ethically with a mixed-bean stew by Vedge.


Zeppoli presents a fresh from the sea Sicilian Octopus & Calamari.

Will BYOB's Arugula Vichyssoise with Trout Roe

Will BYOB refreshes and tantalizes taste buds with Arugula Vichyssoise with Trout Roe.

Pizza Dumplings by Cheu Noodle Bar

Pizza Dumplings by Cheu Noodle Bar / Bing Bing Dim Sum. I could have eaten these pouches of flavor all night.

Distrito Ceviche

Looking for something on the lighter side? Check out Distrito’s Ceviche a local seasonal fish, charred jalapeno oil, pepitas, and citrus.


Here’s a tender pork stew from Kanella.


Look at this thing of beauty from Townsend –  A whole roasted suckling pig with sherry gastrique.


A bit of heaven from Kensington Quarters’ whole roasted suckling pig.


Lacroix shows off with a celery root potsticker with country ham and scallions.


Cured Hamachi and Pumpernickel Gin Creme Fraiche courtesy of Morimoto.


Guests had an opportunity to quench their thirst with a cocktail made with Tito’s 95 Handmade Vodka.


What goodness this pastry hold inside? A shellfish mix from Osteria.


Everyone is dressed to the nines for a great cause.


Who can say no to guacamole made with avocados, roasted jalapenos, and cojita cheese? No one can! Especially if it’s made by Distrito.


Feast your eyes and your palette with this foie gras mousse in a profiterole crafted by Bistrot La Minette.


More than a mouthful check out the Iberico Bellota Montadito from Tinto.


Who can resist a famous slider from Village Whiskey.


When you ready for something sweet, close the night with a treat from Gilda’s Biscotti.


Personally I could have finished the entire jar.


Meg Arbo enjoys a cocktail and the night festivities.


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