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Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo on her Tropicana show: ‘I will guarantee that you will leave there feeling renewed, restored, positive’

TLC’s Long Island Medium star Theresa Caputo will be gracing the stage of the Tropicana’s Showroom on Thursday December 14, 2016, just in time for the holiday’s. CLICK HERE for all of the show details and check out our in depth interview below:

Whitney :  Okay, let’s get right into it. I know people ask you all the time, but when did you first realize you had this ability? Was it a natural feeling for your, or were you scared? 

Theresa: Well, it’s always been natural for me. I think what I do is the most unique thing. It’s not a common thing, but for me, I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else. People ask me, is it scary? Do you consider this a curse or a burden? And it never was scary for me until I got older, because I’ve been seeing and sensing and hearing things since the very young age of four.

Whitney : Wow.

Theresa: I grew up like that, so for me it was normal.  I could always express what was going on, what I was feeling and sensing, and no one ever made a big deal about it. When things got scary and weird for me, was when I would start saying things to my friends, and they were like, “You’re crazy. That’s weird. That doesn’t happen.” Then that’s when it became uncomfortable for me, and then it wasn’t until my late 20s that I realized the gift that I had, and I learned to understand what the spirits really wanted me to do with my gift.

Whitney : Okay, meaning they wanted you to communicate with others? 

Theresa: To do this, to allow the souls to use my physical body to deliver messages. It took me a long time to embrace this for several reasons. One, I am Catholic. I am a practicing Catholic. You’re not supposed to bother the dead, but it was like one day, I had an epiphany, and I was like, “You know what, I’m not bothering anybody. They’re bothering me, like I’m not asking for this. I didn’t wake up one day and say to my parents, “Oh, I think talking to dead people would be a great career choice.”

Whitney : Do you see your own family?

Theresa: I do. I do. That’s hard, so I feel like when I can sense and feel my own loved ones, it’s hard because now you have all these personal emotions. When I read, I can’t have personal feelings, thoughts, or emotions. Then I struggle with, “Oh my god, is that just my memory or is that real?” You’re thinking like everyone else does…My main message of what I do, it’s not about people believing in Mediums. I want people to believe in themselves in knowing that there truly is more to life than just here in the physical world. The things that they are sensing and feeling really are their loved ones. When they sit back and say, “Oh, that reminds me of my dad,” or “That reminds me of my brother,” know and embrace that as a symbol and sign that it truly is them.

Whitney : Wow, so this isn’t meant to be funny, but since the spirits are around us daily, do they see “everything” that we’re doing?

Theresa: No, no intimate moments. They’re not being a Peeping Tom in the bedroom or in the shower if that’s what you’re going to ask.

Whitney : Yeah.

Theresa:  What people don’t understand is that this is about how I choose to use my gift. It’s about giving people the gift of living life again. Look, along with struggling with religion about my gift, I also struggled with why is someone going to want to come and see a Medium? I could not understand that for the life of me. What I learned was that unfortunately, when somebody dies, no matter how they die, no matter how they die, no matter how old or young, we are left with burdens and guilt. We are left with the should’ve, could’ve, would’ve, only, if. We beat ourselves up because we’re only remembering the bad times or the things that we could’ve done or should’ve been able to do for them. All of those emotions do not give us the ability to heal.

What I’ve learned by with spirits’ messages is they’re able to give us the messages to help us release those burdens and guilt. I bring up and talk about things that there’s no way that I would know, because there are common things that the spirits have to talk about, but then they talk about the personal things, things that happened years ago, things that happened after they die, your own personal thoughts, feelings, and emotions; things that there’s no way I could figure out or I would know to validate … Look, you may not believe in mediums, and that’s fine, but to believe and know that your loved ones are with you, your messages they give you is what you need to make tomorrow a little bit easier, and that’s what this is about.

Whitney : This is all very powerful, thank you for sharing.

Theresa: The experience at Tropicana, is so powerful because I’m not on that stage. The Tropicana is one of my favorite venues to play, because the spirit will navigate me around the theater. Whether you’re in the front row, whether you’re in the back, I’m not going to be on the stage. I have my camera crew follow me around the theater. We have a big screen set up, so you can see no matter where I am. You are witnessing this up close and personal. It’s like watching Long Island Medium live.

Whitney : I saw you the last time, and I agree, the Tropicana is a great venue to do this type of show.

Theresa: It’s amazing. Honestly, I say it all the time, the Tropicana is one of my favorite theaters to play in, because it’s so intimate, I can easily navigate through the theater, and it’s really a life-changing experience. I tell people all the time. Even if you don’t know who I am, you don’t believe in what I do, that’s fine. I will guarantee that you will leave there feeling renewed, restored, positive.

People say it all the time. They’ll say, “I walked into that theater not knowing what to expect. I personally didn’t get read, but what I witnessed was life-changing.”

Whitney : There are a lot of cynics out there. Do you think it’s better for them to be there in person to watch what you’re doing?

Theresa: Oh, absolutely. That’s the thing, spirits, even all the years that I’m doing this, spirits blow my mind every time I channel them, because there’s no way that I could know these things.

Whitney : Right.

Theresa: There’s absolutely no way you can read it off of somebody’s body language, because what I also want your loved ones to do is to communicate with their personality, the way that they were before they died. I feel that’s the true validation that it truly is them. If you’re afraid that they’re not at peace or they suffered when they were dying or a disease, it took away that personality. For them to use my physical body for that brief moment to show you their personality, the way that they were before they got sick or before they died is absolutely incredible. I can’t read that off of someone’s body language.

Whitney : Right.

Theresa: I can’t google that. That’s the thing, and listen, everyone has a right to their own opinion, and that’s fine. The thing about me is that I respect that, but you can’t deny the fact of the messages that person is receiving, what they’re saying, that it’s right.

Whitney : What’s something fun that we don’t know about you? Do you have any fun hidden talents other than this?

Theresa: I can work an iPhone with these nails.

Whitney : I love it. That’s great. That is your signature. You have the nails and the hair. Do you ever plan on changing it or is that your signature look?

Theresa: No. No, you know what, I’ve been getting my nails done since I’m 14. My hair, I’ve always had big hair. It’s just me.

Everyone changes their look as they get older because you have to, but it always seems people say, “I didn’t realize how funny you were.” The reason for that is because it’s hard to hear these messages. It’s not easy. Spirits also need to communicate with laughter because that truly is the best medicine for the soul, and especially if you’re hurting and grieving and you get so lost and sad, honestly, laughter is the medicine for the soul.

Whitney : Do you have any projects going on right now other than your tour?

Theresa: Well, right now, I just got home yesterday from a six-week tour. I’m coming down to the Tropicana right before the holidays. I want to spend the holidays with the family, and I have a third book coming out in March.

Whitney : Wow.

Theresa: On March 14th, yeah, but I think you could pre-order it now. It’s called Good Grief, and you learn how to honor and love your loved ones.

Whitney : Great! How about Long Island Medium, is it returning to TV?

Theresa: Long Island Medium will be returning in early of 2017.

Whitney : Okay.

Theresa: I always tell all my fans … I don’t know when. We just finished season seven about a month ago and have more episodes. When they’re going to air, that I’m not quite sure about yet, but I know it’s going to be early 2017.

Whitney : Cool, looking forward to it.

Theresa: I always tell my fans, and post everything on my website. So if anyone ever just wants to know anything about me, I only do it through my website at TheresaCaputo.com. I post everything that’s coming up, what’s going on, and I keep my fans informed about everything.

Whitney : Do you have a story that sticks out to you? Is there anybody that you helped that you feel really good about helping?

Theresa: I don’t mean to sound corny or cliché, but it’s every story. Are there some that are more powerful? Absolutely, but every message that the spirit has me deliver changes some of these lives in a positive way… At the end of the day, your loved one died and it’s hard. Then to be able to come through and to give you that peace is absolutely incredible. I feel it’s such an honor and a privilege to be able to do that.

Whitney : Do people stop you everywhere you go? 

Theresa:  What happens now is that I used to be able to walk into a room, no one really knew, so I could easily sense and feel souls and deliver the messages. Now, people know who I am, so the second I walk into a room, it’s like all of a sudden I’m bombarded by spirits, because they’re all talking to their loved ones. Oh my god, let’s have Theresa say this, have her do that. Listen, I always say if there’s a message to be delivered and the opportunity presents itself, this is how I always treated my gift, to be that opportunity.

Whitney : That’s great.

Theresa: Look, there are some times I sense and feel things, but that person might not be ready to hear something from their loved ones. That’s why I always say to spirits, if they’re meant to hear a message … That’s why I approach people. Then they needed to hear that, and that’s how I treat my gift. That’s how I always do, and I will not change that.

Whitney : Does anybody else in your family have this gift?

Theresa: Well, this is a thing also, one of my main messages of what I do is I want people to be aware that they have the ability to connect with their own loved ones. What might be a little bit different for me is that I’m able to connect with everybody’s loved ones. I can sense and feel things from everyone’s loved ones. Do they receive messages from all loved ones? Absolutely. Are they sensing and feeling things? Yes.

Whitney : Any other advice that you want to give someone who may be grieving at the current moment?

Theresa: Just know that the soul bond between you and loved ones can never and will never be broken. Just be open to things that go on around you. Anything that you think that is odd, weird, different or coincidence that reminds you of loved ones, just embrace it and know that that’s a little hello from heaven. That can be the beginning to healing. I also tell my clients, “Look, we’re going to grieve the loss of our loved ones for the rest of the lives in the physical world, but connecting with our loved ones gives us the ability to help us feel.” You have to do that on your own pace. No one can tell you how to heal. That’s the hardest thing too, I think. That’s the hardest thing too. I think that’s the other thing. The spirit gives us the permission to grieve just the way that we feel to grieve, because everybody is different.

Whitney : One last question, while you’re in Atlantic City is there any place you love to eat or shop?

Theresa: When at the Tropicana, I eat at the Palm. but haven’t done much shopping because I’m always busy working. 

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