• Tuesday , 20 February 2018

School of Rock in Cherry Hill, N.J. Pipes Burst and Needs Your Help

Cherry Hill, N.J. School of Rock suffered a major disaster last month, when two sprinkler pipes and a main water line froze and burst in their ceiling, sending thousands of gallons down onto their entire facility. The raised ceiling first flooded, then collapsed, damaging the walls, floors, lights, electric and most of their musical equipment. Tens of thousands of dollars in damages were incurred on the equipment and infrastructure. The loss of business and labor was even larger.
Owner Louis Faiola and General Manager Eddie Shiffler have begun a fundraising campaign to help speed up the recovery process, and get the school up and running again. Faiola has owned the school for over six years, and was South Jersey Magazine’s Man of the Year in 2014 for his charitable work with Band of Brothers, where he used the school to host military veterans for music lessons and jamming with rock stars as a community outreach and therapeutic outreach program. Shiffler is an Ocean City resident and lifelong musician & songwriter, who has recorded and played across the country with various bands, such as Dogz of Zeus, Green Language and Keyser Soze.
The duo created a gofundme.com campaign to receive donations on behalf of the school. Anyone can donate by visiting this link: www.gofundme.com/cherryhillSOR. “Every contribution helps,” said Shiffler, “The overhead of the business requires that we have an enrollment of 75 students just to break even. We are currently reduced to about 30. We have lost half of our staff, the majority of our instruments, amps and equipment has been damaged, and our building was completely flooded and had to be gutted.” He estimates that it will take the school four months to reach full enrollment again, which would lead into their slow season: summer.

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