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The ChopHouse Brings Back Lobsterfest Every Sunday Through Summer

Story, photos by Cassie Hepler

One of our favorite go-to chop houses is… wait for it… The ChopHouse in Gibbsboro, N.J. The last time we were there, we had a delicious steak based dinner. This time we went toward the summer time favorite of seafood, greens and a medley of other surprising samples at one of South Jersey’s most acclaimed steak and seafood houses.

The annual summer dining event “Lobsterfest!” is back. Every Sunday throughout the summer, lobster lovers are invited to feast on a menu of shellfish specials. Each Sunday until Labor Day, The ChopHouse serves up the following set menu: 1.5 pound steamed or broiled whole lobster, $35, Baked and stuffed with lump crab, add $10, Lobster risotto appetizer $15, entrée $35, Lobster ravioli appetizer $15, entrée $35, Lobster mac & cheese appetizer $17, entrée $34 and the Lobster bake with roasted clams, mussels, chorizo and potatoes, $35. That’s a lot of lobster! Now for the food porn…
We always arrive fashionably early and were sent to the bar for a cocktail before dinner began. At 4 p.m. in the afternoon when they open on Sundays, we were part of the early bird special crowd but we just looked at it as a late, leisurely Sunday brunch. Stereotypes be damned. Eat when you want to eat, dammit!

My guest went for the Carolina Margarita which was wickedly potent with roca Patron reposado, Patron citronge organe, fresh line and topped with pinot noir.

The finished “martini/margarita” was a beautiful drink.

On a hot, muggy summer afternoon nothing refreshes better than bubbles, this glass of Aubert Et Fils brut was just what the doctor ordered.

The Lobsterfest menu in all its drool worthy glory.

We weren’t sure where to start as the whole menu looked amazing but decided to keep things light and summery with some fresh salads to start.

The burratta was so light and refreshing with the huge, juicy heirloom tomatoes.

The seasonal greens salad was lovely with strawberries however a little heavy with the blue cheese, maybe some goat cheese would have really put it over the top.

Our fun and funny garcon Bob suggested we try some East Coast oysters, nice and clean tasting with no brine.

Bob also suggested trying the West Coast oysters, full of salt and brine perfect for those that love the taste of the ocean in one bite.

Of course our guest had to try the signature drink, the Chophouse vodka martini infused with pineapple and was loving it.

Now onto the lobster fest! Our first and favorite dish was the appetizer size lobster ravioli with squid ink. Each bite was sweet, succulent and amazing. We could have just had a full plate of this and been happy!

Second runner up was the appetizer size lobster mac and cheese with large, meaty chunks and creamy, delicious cheese… it’s a carb lovers dream!

Our third runner up in the appetizers was the lobster risotto because it was mostly cheesy pasta and not a lot of lobster but still delicious.

We both switched off the the Whispering Angel rose wine from France before the main lobster dishes and were loving the sweet and savory notes.

The lobster bake was a little too much for our guest to handle but I made sure it didn’t go to waste. The chunks of chorizo sausage, corn, potatoes and mussels were amazing. The lobster claws were a little undercooked but that never stopped me (I love sushi too) and made sure those had a good home in my belly!

And the best thing we saw all day, a whole lobster with a side of melted butter. There was a lot of mmmm’s happening during this time.

After pressing pause on eating for a while, we decided to showcase one of their best steaks, the bone-in filet mignon cooked perfectly “like butter” our guest exclaimed. This one was cut in two for both of us to share.

We barely had room for more food but knew if you’re coming to a chop house you have to try the steak and sides so we asked for small versions of the steak and sides.

The white truffle parmesan fries were heavenly as I am a french fry addict.

These mushrooms are what wild fungi should taste like in sherry wine butter sauce.

French green beans that are crisp and fresh always make you feel better about eating too much.

After another eating pause, we noticed the ice wine on the dessert wine list. After hearing so much about how amazing it is from our guest, I had to try it out and see what the fuss was about.

The Inniskillin ice wine from Canada is truly the nectar of the Gods, it’s sweet like honeysuckle but slightly potent like brandy.

The Belgian chocolate lava cake was crisp on the outside, gooey chocolate truffle on the inside with vanilla ice cream to add another temperature and flavor.

Huge thanks to our wonderful server, Bob, and Chef Javier Alonso for making our experience so memorable!

Another nice thing about the Chophouse is that right behind the bottom floor level there is a beautiful lake with geese (who obviously get fed a lot) and a path to walk off those calories and take in the amazing views of nature. Make sure to take a stroll this summer after your lobster fest!

The lake behind the Chophouse.

A rare blue heron before he took flight behind the Chophouse.

Blue heron in flight over the lake behind the Chophouse.

As Spring turns into summer, babies are everywhere and adorable to boot!

Headquartered in Haddon Township, New Jersey the P.J.W. Restaurant Group was founded in 1983 by Bob and Donna Platzer and includes their notable P.J. Whelihan’s concept which pays homage to their family name, The ChopHouse a modern and upscale steak and seafood restaurant, Treno Pizza Bar a casual Italian eatery serving delicious authentic fare in a relaxed atmosphere and finally, The Pour House a concept paying tribute to the popularity of the craft beer movement through innumerable draft offerings and equally interesting fare. For more information about the restaurant group or its dining concepts visit pjwrestaurantgroup.com.

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