• Tuesday , 20 February 2018

Chloe Johnston Takes Tastebuds on a Journey Through Regions of France with Wine Tasting at Union League

Story, photos by Deja Cromartie

The celebration of Chloe Johnston’s New York Expansion continued with her Regions of France Wine Tasting at the Union League this fall.
She was joined by Sommelier Bret Barrett, who shared his vast knowledge of wines. Guest participated in a scavenger hunt and had the opportunity to win fun prizes including a collection of curated wines. A medley of delicious cheeses were available with the wine and it was a nice break in the middle of the week to relax with a glass of wine (or two… or three).
Some of the activities in the scavenger hunt required guests to take a wine selfie, find a wine cork, find the Chloe Johnston Look of the Month, and more. There were a variety of whites are reds for guests to taste as well as paired cheeses, fruits and crackers. A lovely display of desserts adorned the table as guest got ready to leave for the night, which you could pair with wine… or coffee.
If you’d like more information about Chloe Johnston, check out this Explore Philly article about fashion femme fatales. You can also go to her website at Chloejohnston.com, or email directly at info@Chloejohnston.com. And of course, follow on social media through FacebookTwitter and Instagram!


Guests completed this scavenger hunt to win some awesome prizes.


What goes best with all this delicious cheese? French wine, naturally.

Guests enjoyed some delicious Parisian wines.

Guests enjoyed some delicious Parisian wines.


All set for fall and this just happens to be the look of the month for fall!


Chloe engaging with her guests.


More conversation over wine.


Ladies having a great time at the event.


Glasses of wine for everyone!


Chloe and guest smiling for the camera flanked by maps of the French region.


The winner of the scavenger challenge with her rose and champagne was all smiles – and on a rare mom’s night out. Bravo!


Guests at the event were happy to be there.


A spread that only true sugar lovers can appreciate.


Up close and personal with more delicious desserts!


These brownies were so good.


Desserts galore with ooey gooey caramel goodness.


It was hard to resist these treats.


Guests having a lovely time in a gorgeous space.


The chilled white wine options the guests sampled.


The guests enjoyed the wine.


A glimpse of the amazing wines that guests sampled.


Beautiful artwork of the French regions and what they specialize in.


More amazing artwork. We like the large beer (biere) at the top.


One of the excursions that Chloe Johnston offers during her tour in France.


Glasses that were ready to be filled with wine.


Guests couldn’t resist the delicious cheese pairings.


One of the fantastic wine servers who may have helped us with finding a cork for the contest.


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