• Tuesday , 20 February 2018

Evil Genius Brewery Revamps Former Fishtown Raver Factory into Rustic Yet Polished Beer Haven

Photos, story by Cassie Hepler

We’re pretty sure there’s a reward (perhaps in delicious craft beer) to whomever can find some rave pics that allegedly happened in the now beer haven home of Evil Genius Beer Company.

“In October of 2015, we purchased an old carriage factory from the 1870s at 1727 N Front St that was in shambles – collapsing ceiling, exposed wires, you name it.  For the last 18 months, we have completely turned this place around – even managing to salvage wood from the original roof that were turned into our booths, benches and tables by the fantastic craftsmen at Philadelphia Wood Craft Company. We installed a 15-barrel brewing system from Specific Mechanical System, and have been perfecting our opening tap list since the middle of January,” said Trevor Hayward, co-owner of Evil Genius Brewing Company, in his Irish accent. “We poured our blood, sweat, tears (and beers) into this place and we can’t wait to share it with you.”

When we first met Trevor, it was at South Street’s Headhouse Shambles years ago when the crew were just baby brewers. But their beer caught our tastebud’s attention immediately and we went back for seconds – and thirds. Not only that but Trevor hand delivered a sample tasting six pack to the Manayunk “headquarters” and left it in my neighbor’s cooler (fortunately he’s a Bud Light guy and had no interest in this crazy craft beer stuff) in the summer. We enjoyed it at an outdoor concert in West Philly and the whole gang also fell in love. Brewmaster Jon Defibaugh certainly has the flavors down pat and co-owner Luke Bowen is we assume half of the brains behind this operation.

In fact, he and Jon come up with all the fun names behind the beers, which are sure to be a hipster sensation… and also kind of sets the median age for the crew aka, “Stacy’s Mom Has Got it Goin On”. We wonder if 20 years later, does Stacy’s mom still have it going on? Anyway, back to the brewery. Check out these behind the scenes and media preview party pics to get an idea when you want to plan your visit to our favorite brewery in Philly! (Ooops did we just say that? Sorry, not sorry!)

The Evil Genius building before was just a hot mess with overgrown weeds and tons of work to be done.

Who knew there were skylights up there? During a sunny day, no real lighting is needed.

The back view of the space can either open a garage door for some fresh air or just let in the light.

A view from a fly on the wall. Not pictured, an outdoor beer garden space for people who like it hot (or cold).

Evil Genius brewery tasting room at night has a low lit glow to it.

Evil Genius lounge section complete with video games to feel like you’re back in your parent’s basement.

A view from the ridiculously long bar.

Brendan McGrew from Bourbon Blue in Manayunk will be catering the food at Evil Genius Beer.

Because they like to use throw back sayings from pop culture, it only makes sense to have the beer menu on a VHS tape.

Deconstructed hoagie guts as a dip offers no or low carb options.

Sloppy Joe’s always hit the spot with a side of chips.

For those who like to drink their carbs, hummus is a nice healthy option.

Flatbread grilled cheese with tomatoes and pickles add some tang and crunch.

Grilled cheese with oat bread is sure to sop up some beer.

A classic PB&J always hits the spot when you need a quick snack.

More cheese? Yes, please.

Baby grilled cheese to share… or not.

A healthy, hardy salad will make you think you are eating well.

Waffles topped with jimmies and copious amounts of whipped cream… drool.

Perhaps you like your gluttony with a side of peanut butter and chocolate? Regardless it’s good stuff!

The Evil Geniuses themselves, co-owners Trevor Hayward and Luke Bower at the new location.

Evil Genius owners Trevor Hayward and Luke Bowen (striking his American Eagle pose) should be proud of their beer baby.

A view out the back garage door looks like one of those old timey shooting ranges… we suggested adding that.

Trevor Hayward gives the group a tour of the tanks.

They don’t offer growlers but crawlers, large size cans of beer to go of your favorite.

A lineup of all the beer, like a rainbow from Evil Genius heaven

We like our beer strong like our women. Get your crawler to go and no, you don’t have to share it.

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