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Heritage Hosts Hip Hop Artist Chill Moody and Dock Street IPA Release in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia

Story, photos by Jeni 

A night of nicethings with Chill Moody was named quite amply as the evening was comprised of all nice things and a chill mood. I am a frequenter of Heritage for its yummy Gose on tap, atmospheric live jazz tunes, and amazingly crafted small plates. I jumped at the opportunity to see an original act there outside of its normal whimsical strummings. The event boasted specialty summer kick off beers by Dock Street Brewery, specifically nicethingsIPA and the hip hop artist Chill Moody spitting out rhymes to a hype crowd.

When I arrived, I had been hoping for a few friends to accompany me who would also enjoy this funky fun evening. However, this event produced so many Northern Liberties’ neighbors, passersby from the salsa dance party at the piazza earlier that evening, and Chill Moody fans that I evidently ran into several friends who also were dancing and sipping Dock Street’s treats.

As I was soaking in the environment of Heritage regulars infused with oh so very cool and fashionable folk bobbing to the soulfully blended beats, I immediately had to try nicethingsIPA. Much to my delight, as an avid sour beer fan, I experienced a sunshiny citrusy thickness with the signature IPA hoppy finish. To compliment my IPA, I got two appetizers. The first is my standard favorite from Heritage, the smoked bluefish pate with remoulade, fried capers and potato chips This pate is a smooth and creamy blend of well smoked fish combined with herbs with a creamy cheesy base accompanied by crisp salty potato chips that melt in your mouth and scream homemade. This dish does not come with their signature bread and butter so if you ever eat there, this is a must!

nicethings IPA looking tasty in the dark at Heritage.

Smoked Bluefish Pate is a staple at Heritage.

The second appetizer I ordered was from the special menu for the evening, pimento cheese with jam and crackers. This dish was nostalgic of 70’s kitchens with soft pimento cheese topped with salty jam and served with crackers. This dish brought me back to green shag carpets and huge console televisions blinking of the Love Boat. In other words, it was delicious! I finished my IPA and was excited to try other beers on tap for the event.

Pimento cheese appetizer is also a must try at Heritage.

As I had a hard time sitting still while entranced by the hip hop beat with its perfectly mixed jazzy melody, I found even more friends I was unaware were also attending the event. While I danced alongside my friends, I made certain to try the Summer in Berlin Berliner Weissbier, Spring Haze, American Pale ale. While I tend to prefer lighter, saltier, and sour beers, these beers were very good but the IPA was my favorite! it was just right for summer sipping, still powerful yet crisp and light for the summer.


One of my best friends, Alana, who decided to pop over after I sent her great reviews of the evening and since she had always wanted to try Heritage, joined me in what started as fine dining alongside 2nd street in Northern Liberties atop their comfy lounge benches and ended with us dancing the rest of the night away to the featured artist then awesomely fun and favorite hip hop tunes.

Chill Moody hitting some deep rhymes and lighting up the audience at Heritage in Philadelphia.

The night ended hilariously as the manager, Kevin, was carting around a seemingly real sledgehammer. One of my friends who was also there noted that it had to be a fake as he uses one for work every day and it did not appear as laborious as it should have. I tested out this theory for myself!

The hammer of glory!

Heritage is a classy neighborhood bar that I frequent with friends or alone just to enjoy their daily promise of live music, great drinks and food choices with just a touch of gourmet. It is the perfect thing a gal can do alone after a workout or to meet with others for a wide selection of well crafted drafts on tap. I was happy to have been able to try new brews and to see friends also enjoying the evening while I learned about this Philly favorite hip hop artist, Chill Moody. Chill it was indeed!

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