• Sunday , 18 February 2018

Screw Roses, Send Your Sweetheart Zeel Massage on Demand

Story by Cassie Hepler, photos courtesy of Zeel

We’re glad to live in a high tech world.

Instant food, instant massage and instant gratification are key! So naturally we had to try out Zeel.com the massage on demand website and app for testing purposes of course.

Launching in both Philadelphia and Las Vegas in 2016, Zeel, the Massage On Demand® company, is now the company’s 18th and 19th US cities out of 50 markets.

Customers enjoy Zeel Massages in as little as an hour from the time of booking – which takes seconds on the Zeel app for iPhone or Android, or on Zeel.com. We booked through the website and had a little trouble getting the text message confirmation code but were all set once we did. The preference was for a male with a maximum massage limit of an hour and a half. We chose deep tissue massage. When we got the confirmation code, it said to have two sheets and a pillowcase available which we have never experienced with the other massage app in Philly and New Jersey, Soothe.com.

A gentleman by the name of Jaleel Tabourn was the scheduled massage therapist and he called to confirm he would be arriving early and we started almost exactly on time. He brought the massage table (there is an option to say you have your own), tunes on his phone (he left the speakers in the car but still loud enough for me), and supplies (a mixture of oil and lotion) – everything needed for a top-quality massage. All I did was move the stone coffee table out of the way as also instructed by the app “clear a space big enough for 6 by 10 feet.”

We started face up and I told him of my trouble spots and places to steer clear and we went to work. Jaleel was thorough in his massage, even getting my little piggies (which made me giggle a bit) down to the hands and arms that some massage therapists ignore. He even worked the ribcage when I flipped over as well as digging into those troublesome back knots. We ended right on time and I felt a little punch drunk but not overly out of it, which happens sometimes. Hydration is key especially after a deep tissue massage and I enjoyed my green juice from Pure Green Juices and lots of water. I fell asleep easily that night and awoke with newfound vigor and energy to tackle hot yoga first thing in the morning which made for a productive day.

In the Philadelphia market, only Soothe and Zeel exist so far and Jaleel works for both. Zeel is open for business 365 days a year, with massage start times as early as 8:00 am and as late as 10:30 pm. Zeel Massage options include Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, sports, and couples massage; 60-minute, 75-minute, and 90-minute massages. Zeel Massage Therapists are fully vetted, experienced at the finest establishments, background-checked and licensed in their state of practice. Zeel comes to your workplace or gathering as well – enjoy a chair massage or clothed table massage with Zeel Corporate Wellness.

For committed massage lovers who’d rather subscribe to massage than a magazine, Zeel is proud to offer the first and only in-home premium massage membership, Massage Zeelot. The immensely popular Zeelot program includes a Zeel Massage a month for a year, a free professional-grade massage table, and many other benefits – including a risk-free 90-day trial. Anyone who signs up for a massage membership – Massage Zeelot® – during the month of February will receive a courtesy massage credit into their account along with the standard perks.

Use these codes below to save some money off your first massage for you or your sweetheart for February 2017:

Feb 1st-12th: VDAY30 for $30 off (new customers only)
Feb 13th-14th: VDAY25 for $25 off (new customer only)
Feb 15th-20th: PRES25 for $25 off (new customers only)

Zeel massage on demand joins Philadelphia as an at home spa option.


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