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Home Brewed Events and Dashing Rogue Team Up for Terrific Beer Pairing at Home Dinner

Photo, story by Cassie Hepler
Dashing Rogue and Home Brewed Events sure know how to host a holiday beer dinner! And give it the mom-and-pop feel even though they aren’t married. Dashing Rogue and the beer mistress provides fully customizable beer pairing dinner parties in the comfort of your own home, covering all the details including menu planning, prep work, food, beer, plates, glassware, napkins, serving and the dreaded dish-washing. With dinners starting at $79 per person, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your guests.
Home Brewed Events husband and wife team are beer-based education event planners who would like to teach you how to brew your own beer with home brewing classes in your home, beer tasting classes, food pairings and more. (Check out their story recently with Philly Tour Hub).
Featuring a 6-course dinner prepared by Dashing Rogue and paired with beer suggestions from Home Brewed Events, it was a festive in-home affair on a cold, rainy November night in a South Philly row home apartment.
The hours were 7 to 10 p.m., which for a Monday after the holiday was hard to handle but somehow beer makes everything better. We arrived in South Philly just shy of 7 p.m. but parking (parking!!!) brought us to the doorbell by around 7:30 p.m. and we were warmly greeted with smiles, handshakes, merriment, food and beer. Granted, we didn’t leave until almost 11:30 p.m. at night (and we felt it the next day), it was well worth the visit and chatting with people in the media industry about the media industry.
These deviled eggs and bruschetta with pesto were a nice little welcoming treat as we cozied up on the love seat sized couch.
Our eyes and bellies got ready for this delicious menu. The atmosphere was festive and jovial as is expected with a 6 course beer pairing dinner.
We could literally drink Dogfish Head Namaste all day long and still feel fine. It’s light and refreshing summer taste begins the meal with a light, tasty bang. DSC_0844
Adam Schmidt, owner of DrinkPhilly.com, warms his beer by the “fireplace” complete with crackling captions. The music of the evening was popular pop songs set to smooth jazz.
Home Brewed Events Owners  pose for a flanked in suspenders photo in their South Philly row home living room, which doubled as a restaurant dining room for the night.
Meredith brings the next round of beers to the media table, including Drink Philly’s editor and Mrs. Drink Philly.
The Belgian Tripel and saffron cream sauce was so delicious, it became a soup – for at least one guest of the night (so buttery delicious)!
Just in case you wanted to know more of that buttery shrimp soup recipe.
Coney Island Mermaid Pilsner can be found also of course on Coney Island, but was very refreshing, light and easy to drink – another perfect summertime beer.
Meet Jules Verne, the sweetest dog that was too long to be a show dog but smart enough to know who would give her (yes, this Jules is a girl) “accidental” food droppings.
Quinoa salad with pecans is brilliant, simple and a nice blend of textures. Plus salad always makes you think you’re eating healthy.
One of the fun things about this dinner party is that everyone was moving one seat to the left each course so you get the meet (almost) everyone and get to know a little bit about each person.
The Beer Mistress (aka Shannon Maria Jones) is making her scallops red! No, she’s not crazy… unless she’s a mad scientist and genius. Read on…
Dashing Rogue and his Beer Mistress happily slaving away in the kitchen while the guests enjoy their beer, conversation and of course…
Doggy love! This photographer got down on one knee to give some flufflins’ to Jules.
Beet stained scallops add an earthy flavor to a usual fishy and butter-soaked seafood. It’s a nice twist on taste, color and composition. Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest is the perfect pair for these fall finds.
Garrett explains the beer pairings and why they chose what they did and why. This couple loves beer so much that at their wedding, the officiant used brewing as their love metaphor. Adorbs!
The Allagash was actually replaced with a home brew sample of Dogfish’s Midas Touch, which everyone was raving about within minutes.
The faux Dogfish was a palate soother for this spicy, stick to your ribs spiced Chocolate Stout Braised Short Ribs on top of butternut squash risotto.
We’ll take two of the Sierra Nevada Stout, it’s that tasty!
And nothing tops off a delicious meal like chipotle chocolate, ice cream and the stout beer in a Dashin Rogue keepsake glass (that we forgot, d’oh!). The hot, cold and coffee flavors blended perfectly!

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