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The 5th Annual Xfinity Live! Burger Brawl Was a Burger Lovers Dream

By Jill Beckel

Philadelphians sure love their burgers! The line to enter the 5th Annual Philadelphia Burger Brawl stretched all around the parking lot on Sunday, June 14th at the XFINITY Live! parking lot.

Organized by Rob Wasserman, Burger Brawl included 60 Philadelphia area restaurants. Local Philadelphia restaurants were hoping to win the title of “Best Burger.” “The Burger Brawl funds literacy programming through technology for Philadelphia’s under-served children in our public elementary schools.”

Tickets were $35 for general admission and $100 for VIP tickets. The event was open to all ages and free for children 10 and under. Burger lovers started lining up to get in early and there was still a line to get in almost halfway through the event.

Despite the crowd, we still got to taste test a ton of delicious burgers! It was so hard to choose a favorite with so many delicious options and everyone seemed to be saying “MMMmmm” and “oh yeah” all around us as they sank their teeth into all the options. Burger samplers were encouraged to use the hashtag “#phillyburgerbrawl” to tag all their burger photos on social media.

Whether you like your burger well-done, rare, with lots of toppings or just plain with cheese, the possibilities really were endless at this year’s Burger Brawl. Burger lovers excitedly tried as many options as they could fit in their stomachs.

The temperature reached over 90 degrees that day, but it didn’t stop people from getting excited about all the many beef options. The lines to taste were long, so burger lovers cooled off with refreshing Rita’s Water Ice samples, beer, cider, and Multi-Flow fountain-dispensed beverage solutions that featured tasty sodas like cherry cola, ginger ale, root beer and more. Unfortunately, with only a few tents with standing tables, some people were getting heat exhaustion and had to cool off with wet towels.

At the end of the event, the results were revealed in a large boxing ring to go right along with the “brawl” theme! Village Whiskey, making its debut at the Philadelphia Burger Brawl, captured the judges’ vote, while last year’s winner, Blue Duck Sandwich Company, won the People’s Choice Award!

Burger lovers started pouring in as soon as the event started.


Beef sliders topped with shrimp and guacamole from Smiths Restaurant.


Smiths Restaurant burger up close and personal.

Red Star Craft House was all smiles as they served up their best burger.

Red Star Craft House was all smiles as they served up their best burger.

Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar's table.

Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar’s table had a very  natural and healthy vibe going on.


Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar’s slider.


Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar staff were working fast despite the heat to serve up burger after burger.


The Bierstube’s “German Burger” was huge and filling with muenster cheese, sauerkraut, knockwurst and a paprika rub.


Chickie’s & Pete’s “The French Onion” was a classic favorite.


Chickie’s & Pete’s “The French Onion” burger.


The Industry’s burger sample tasted like a picnic on a bun with potato salad, bacon and scallions on a potato roll.


The Industry’s burger samples table kept up the fast pace for hungry burger lovers. You can see the long line of people still trying to get in even as the event was underway!


Multi-Flow fountain-dispensed beverage solutions featured tasty sodas like cherry cola, ginger ale, root beer and more.


Butcher and Singer’s “Booyah Burger” was a classic favorite topped with spicy tomato bacon aioli, cheddar and lettuce.


Steam Pub’s “Wass Burger” featured American cheese, chipotle mayo, a fried egg and crumbled bacon.


City Tap House table.


Gaslight’s brisket and chuck blend burger topped with cheddar, bacon, pickles and lettuce on a potato roll. YUM!


Paesano’s “Philly-Style Burger” featured a delicious burger with pastromi, American cheese, tomato and basil mayo.


Rogues Gallery’s “North American Bison Burger” was simple, but delish.


Burger tasters taking a break from all the burgers.


“Feed me burgers!”


The crowd got bigger and bigger as the event went on and everyone got the “meat sweats.”


Rita’s Water Ice samples were a huge hit with temperatures reaching above the 90 degree mark during the event.


The “ring” where the 2015 Burger Brawl winners were announced!


“Oh hey Rocky!”

The red carpet leading to the judges table and VIP area.

The red carpet leading to the judges table and VIP area.


Burgers, burgers and more burgers.

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